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Lemmie tell all you bozos a lil something about LeBron James: I hope he spits in all your faces!

I hope he wins a championship and then I hope he wins another!

I hope he keeps winning so that you can return to that place on his jock that all of you vacated just because fat buffoons like Charles Barkley and geezer has-beens like Michael Jordan were singing “back in the dayz” songs about how they did it or would have done it if they were him!

I hope you enjoy being in a league with the kind of white folks that only like a Black man long enough to “prove” that they’re not racist and them dump him and dump on him at the very first opportunity (shout out to Barry Obama—I see you boy!)

I hope all this finally makes LeBron mean. The kind of prick that I always hated but respected Jordan for being. The loathsome toad of infectious human waste that Kobe Bryant is RIGHT NOW.

Kobe Bryant is a man so snide and smug that he even makes sunglasses look bad.

And make no mistake, I’m not a LeBron James fan.

I’m a Knick fans (save your jokes for somebody that’ll actually read your comments—after I finish writing this, I’ma go find that ½ a blunt I stashed yesterday and bone up on my Jackie Collins).

But when even that souse of “news journalist” Soledad O’Brien—you know, that flat-faced broad that does those ridiculous and insulting CNN “Black in America” specials that are aimed at doing one thing and only one thing; making white people glad that they’re not “Black in America”—got on TV and asked a rich, 25 year-old kid with sneakers to sell if he thought some of the backlash from his “decision” to leave Cleveland as a free agent and play in Miami was based on race, I wanted to knock some sense into her even thought I knew I couldn’t have done it even by smashing part of my very substantial brain into her very small one.


The necessity of asking that question is it’s own answer.

Then I had to read as some white clown shorted LeBron’s mom!

I’m like…?

At the very least, this woman raised a son that’s a multimillionaire household-name superstar. Your mom needs to holla at her!

But last of all, lemmie give a little bit of this to LeBron.

Play ball, N-Word.

Quit dancing around in jive Miami Vice commercials like it’s all as sweet as it always was.

I hope all this has taught you that you have no friends and nobody likes you.

Jordan didn’t learn that until his 7th season. Kobe knew it all along.

I hope you know it now.

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LeBron James descends from hero to bad cowboy

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