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Massachusetts (TheGrio)– A black former United States postal worker who says he was fired after being attacked in Hingham, Massachusetts by a white woman during a profane and ethnic slur-filled rant has now posted video of the incident on YouTube.

The viral video has taken the Internet by storm leading to dozens of comments on the posters YouTube profile.

In the two videos which were originally posted on October 9, 2010 and October 11, 2010 the unidentified woman appears at the side of the mail truck angrily demanding that the worker take back a piece of certified mail, she has signed for, and that he return the signature slip in his possession to her.

When the postal worker doesn’t comply the woman launches into a tirade and at one point calls the worker, “A f****** n***er thief.”

This was followed by a declaration, “I’m not prejudiced but right now I’m getting real pissed off.”

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