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Whenever we propose that one Black can make us all look bad, one of the most subliminally interesting things that we’re suggesting about white people is that they’re so dumb that they can’t tell us apart.

If I were white, I’d be insulted by this—if I were smart enough to get that I should be insulted.

It doesn’t help the White Cause that a lot of times, they lump us all in together with the latest fool in Black skin.

We never do this, however.

Take the latest white nut (and isn’t there always a new one?): that fool down in Florida, Clay Duke, that drew the V for Vendetta symbol before opening fire at a school board meeting and eventually killing himself.

We’d have to be Nubian Islamic Hebrew-crazy to suggest that he’s a fair representative of all white people.

But we go into a panic whenever a Black person does something even remotely ridiculous because we fear how we’ll be judged because of it?

The guardians of the “positive Black image” have things backwards.

We weren’t enslaved and Jim Crow-ed and beaten, raped and murdered because we have a negative image.

We have a negative image because we were enslaved and Jim Crow-ed and beaten, raped and murdered.

By American logic, if we were a stronger people, we wouldn’t have allowed all that to happen.

If history has shown us anything, it’s that from Hitler to Manson to Limbaugh, white people have had have the majority of the most deranged lunatics ever.

Yet white people are able to point at them too and say, “Look! Look at those crazy nuts!” as if in their case, sharing the same skin color as a madman is as completely incidental as if they were wearing the same colored socks.

I mean c’mon: Pontius Pilate, a Roman, washed his hands of the death of Jesus for Christsakes (pun intended) and I’m supposed to believe that some random crackhead or pick-pocket or drive-by shooter makes me look bad?



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