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A group of young, African American professionals are claiming racism after a party of theirs was shut down at the Hudson in the trendy Rice Village area of Houston.

Video blogger and Houston resident, Lydia Cotton had the following to say about the incident.

December 28, 2010 was the night I and a hundred other denizens of Houston took a time machine back to the 50s where it was an absurd notion and flat out criminal for a group of cultured African Americans to congregate in a white owned facility to enjoy the pleasures of life and friendship in the name of the holiday season. To say that I am still disturbed would be an understatement. I have never in my days felt the limitations of my skin and having to experience this in a time where we have black people in the highest of offices in every field known to mankind makes it not only disgusting but also unbelievable.

At 11pm the general manager turned the lights on, cut the music down and proceeded to explain that the newly built Hudson Lounge would have to be shut down for the evening because one of its owners walked into the club and “didn’t like the look of the crowd”. Obviously shocked faces were present because to have someone flat out tell you that your skin isn’t the image in which they would like to display to their establishment is beyond insulting, its insane. What year are we in again? Oh yeah, 2010. The audacity of someone to feel like statements such as that is okay is beyond me. I could almost see it if we were uninvited guests but this wasn’t the case. The friends that put the party together met with the general manager on five different occasions, even going as far as sending them a playlist of music that would be played for approval and still we and our money weren’t good enough. Now if you think for a second that the crowd was anything similar to a typical black mass that is fueled with excited by the likes of music like Souja Boy, Wacka Flaka and other ignorant artists of today you are mistaken. If we were that type of crowd I would understand the devaluing of such a beautiful club but this was a group of educated, well-dressed black people from the age of 25-45. Houston’s best and most influential young professionals were in the building and still we were judged not by our accolades but merely the color of our skin.

Here is her video on the incident.


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