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During last nights presidential debate twice John McCain referred to Obama as ‘That One.’ Not as Senator Obama, Barack, he, that man or him but ‘That One.’ The term already turned off a number of pundits who believed that it it was demeaning, dehumanizing and mean spirited. Just as in the last debate, unlike his perky VP, McCain refused to call his opponent by his name or even look him in the eye.

In this debate McCain continued his detached, condescending attitude to Obama by not giving Obama the respect he deserved, not as a Senator or Presidential candidate but as a human being by calling him ‘That One.’ ‘That One’ is not a term civilized human beings use to refer to other humans beings. An object can be referred to as ‘That One’ as in ‘those are some nice apples, I’ll have that one.’ An animal may be referred to as ‘That One’ as in ‘Mommy, I want a dog, can I have that one.’ The only time I have previously heard a human being refer to another human being as ‘That One,’ it usually in a very misogynist way. As in, damn them strippers look good, I’ll try ‘That One.’

How can McCain claim to have the ability to reach across the aisle and work with democrats when he refers to his democratic opponent as ‘That One?’ How can we expect him to deal with leaders of foreign nations that he might not like, when he is calling his own fellow American presidential candidate ‘That One?’

Watch McCain Call Obama ‘That One’

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