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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Denny Olbermiller, an ex-convict who once served 9 years in prison has pleaded guilty to handcuffing his own grandparents, killing them, and raping his grandmother.

While Denny Obermiller served nine years in prison for aggravated assault and kidnapping, his grandmother spent money she didn’t have on care packages to make his life more comfortable. After being released, Olberm

And when Obermiller finally was released in 2009, she opened her home to him over her husband’s objections that their grandson was too dangerous to have around.

The grandfather’s intuition turned out to be correct.

In August, Obermiller killed them both — handcuffed and strangled them in their Maple Heights home. And he raped his grandmother. Her decomposing body was found days later, strewn with used condoms.