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Haiti — The 100 Shows For Haiti concept was the brainchild of Maurice Mitchell. Mitchell, a lobbyist and community organizer who spends his days advocating funding for public schools in lower income communities and who spends his weekends singing in the political punk band Cipher was meditating on a retreat when the idea of a completely D.I.Y. grassroots response to the ongoing needs in Haiti came to him. The initial call-to-action would appear on the internet and the idea would then snowball — small events, large events, sponsors, all in a pay-it-forward fashion. This web site would aggregate, list, and cross-promote their events and help spread the buzz.

Maurice called me at work, to tell me his idea. I, in turn, call three of my close friends on my lunch break, Danielle Thompson and James Sylvester of the Sparrow Media Project, and my friend Greg Bennick who has worked extensively on the ground in Haiti since the earthquake. Within hours we were on board with Maurice and by that time the next day a web site was up, a facebook page was created and immediately we began pooling our contacts and burning up our cell phones spreading the word.

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This is an invitation to join a grassroots response to the ongoing needs in post-earthquake Haiti. Musicians, artists, activists, and a laundry list of everyday folk just like yourself have used the internet to aggregate their myriad talents in a unique do-it-yourself initiative called “The 100 Shows For Haiti.” The benefits span a broad range of events ranging from bake sales, to house parties with a cover charge benefiting Haiti, to concerts with thousands of attendees. To learn more about the effort you can email, if you would like to do your own event, email The idea is to embolden the start-up activist in all of us, to show participants that no matter how big or small your efforts are, your efforts count and that — collectively — we can do something huge!


Haiti Quake Anniversary