Haiti Quake Anniversary

Haiti — The 100 Shows For Haiti concept was the brainchild of Maurice Mitchell. Mitchell, a lobbyist and community organizer who spends his days advocating funding for public schools in lower income communities and who spends his weekends singing in the political punk band Cipher was meditating on a retreat when the idea of a […]

Many political analysts both on the right and left praised President Obama’s memorial service speech last night. Do you think this speech will change the Obama Presidency? Did you feel Obama struck the right tone? Did you think it was a good speech or did it sound a bit too political/pep-rallyish? Look forward to hearing […]

Dr. Mill Etienne began preparing for the earthquake in Haiti when he was five years old. In 1981 he migrated to the United States from Port Au Prince where he would begin his education. The Naval Lieutenant Commander and Neuro Physician has spent over ten years amassing scholarly credentials but it wasn’t until January 12, […]

Port-au-Prince, HAITI – In Haiti’s capital city, Bel-Air is one of its poorest neighborhoods. Like so many of the area’s young people, 24-year-old Kitcher Letang doesn’t work, doesn’t go to school and became involved in gangs at a young age. “Imagine living here with no schools, no security,” Letang told theGrio’s Jeff Johnson recently. But […]

Haiti– You can hardly tell by looking at her, but in the last year, Marie Cammepierre Louis learned how to walk all over again. Ask what happened to her leg and she’ll say simply, “January 12th.” Like it did with so many others, the day of Haiti’s devastating earthquake changed Marie’s life forever. It also […]

Haiti– When an earthquake heaped rubble onto Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital city, one year ago, there was a sense from many people that this catastrophe could be turned into something positive.

Haiti– Many Haitians in the capital city who survived the earthquake, have filled halls of worship — even when the halls were no longer there.

Haiti — As they combed through a mountain of rubble almost a week after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, rescuers from Los Angeles doubted they would find anyone alive. “It’s like a needle in a haystack,” says lead rescuer Terry DeJournett. Ginette Sainfort had last been seen at her bank but it now looked more like a […]

Haiti– Pope Benedict XVI wrote the following message to mark today’s first anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The message was read out by Cardinal Robert Sarah, president of the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum”, during a commemorative Mass held in Haiti today.

Haiti — The amount of money raised for Haiti earthquake relief has reached a staggeringly high $1.4 billion in less than one year from the United States alone. Everyone from celebrities to regular people held telethons, bake sales and dinner parties whose proceeds went to help Haiti earthquake victims. A year later, people who opened […]

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — In 2010, Daphne Joseph, a slim, shy teenager, took a pounding from life. She watched with horror as her mother’s mangled body was carted off in a wheelbarrow after the Jan. 12 earthquake. She fell in with a ragtag group of orphans taken under the wing of a well-meaning but ill-equipped community […]

GENEVA – International relief and health officials say cholera remains a major threat in Haiti, where 1 million people are still living in camps after last year’s devastating earthquake.