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Recently, Rush Limbaugh attacked Barack Obama as an affirmative action case saying he only got through Harvard because of affirmative action, and he was the Democrats’ affirmative action pick. Which begs the question, what about McCain? As the son of a decorated admiral, McCain was afforded many advantages in his education and career, many more than Obama was.

In high school, McCain was known more for his partying and repulsive personality than for his academics. McCain would often get into fights and received many demerits from his school. He was also known for sneaking off campus and going to bars and strip clubs. Despite his unremarkable high school career, where he was known more for being a tough guy than a good students he was accepted to US Naval Academy at Annapolis, the nation’s most prestigious Military School.

Could it be because his father was a high-ranking admiral? Would a black student known for mediocre grades, fighting and late night drinking in high school be accepted to West Point, the most prestigious Military School in the country?

Once admitted to Annapolis, McCain would continue his reckless ways, fighting and partying and receiving demerits. He eventually graduated in the bottom five per cent of his class. Despite his low ranking, he was accepted into the Air Pilot Flight Training School. Other people in his graduating class who were in the top 10% of his class were not admitted into the competitive program.

McCain’s acceptance into the flight program was clearly a case of white affirmative action which has been going on way before the civil rights movement. Because Mccain’s father and grandfather were both admirals, he was accepted to West Point despite his horrible high school grades and qualifications, and despite his awful performance at Annapolis, he was put into a prestigious Navy flying program. McCain would crash five U.S. planes while learning how to fly showing what a bad effect ‘white affirmative action’ has.

If you had a doctor would you want the one who goofed off drank and fought in high school then graduated in the bottom five percent of his class in college to operate on you? If you had a bus driver, would you want the one who crashed 4 buses before he drove your bus?

When McCain was shot down he was far away from his intended target. An instructor said McCain was “positively one of the weakest students to pass our way, and received consistently poor marks and a number of Dangerous Down grades assigned by more than one instructor. He had no real ability and was clearly out of his element in an airplane, and way over his head even as a junior naval officer.”

Despite his heralded military service, McCain only served 20 hours in combat, yet he received 28 medals, his only notable accomplishment was getting his plane shot down and being saved by a Vietnamese peasant and becoming a Prisoner of War. With no other qualifications other than having his plain shot down and being a POW McCain was promoted to captain.

Barack Obama on the other hand had no famous relatives to open doors from him. He attended a prestigious private school where he was an average to good student. He was accepted to Occidental College, a good school but hardly Ivy League. Obama performed well Occidental and transfer to Columbia, a prestigious Ivy League school in New York.

At Columbia, Obama worked extremely hard, getting a B.A. in Political Science. Though his grades were good enough to get a high paying job on Wall Street, he decided to work as a community organizer in Chicago for ,000 dollars a year.

After working and saving for four years he would apply to Harvard Law School. Given his work history and education he was accepted. According to the New York Times, Obama didn’t mention his race on his application to avoid benefiting from affirmative action. Obama would be chosen as the Editor for The Harvard Law Review because of his grades and writing ability. He would go on to graduate Magna Cum Laude, at the top 5% of his class.

Who is the real affirmative action case? The hard working Law School student who has used his education to become a well renowned civil rights lawyer and law professor who graduated in the top 5% of his class, Magna Cum Laude, or the reckless pilot who was accepted to west point, flight schools and allowed to fly because of his father and grandfather and graduated in the bottom 5% of his class and graduated Magna Cum Asshole?


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