Affirmative Action

The cycle continues nearly seven years after SCOTUS heard opened oral arguments in Fisher v. The University of Texas at Austin.

Student leaders with Harvard’s Affirmative Action Coalition shared statements with NewsOne, ahead of oral arguments in the two cases brought by Students for Fair Admissions.

"The Harvard and UNC cases pending before the Supreme Court seek to reverse four decades of precedent and prevent colleges and universities from ever considering race or ethnicity in admissions in any way and for any reason," said Professor Hawkins.

From enrollment to graduation rates, a ban on affirmative action has outsized consequences for students who are not white.

The new Supreme Court term - with gerrymandering and affirmative action college admissions cases - may reflect conservative Constitution interpretations.

Education is supposedly the great equalizer, but equality has yet to be realized.

Days after President Joe Biden reaffirmed his intention to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court, Sen. Roger Wicker from Mississippi decided it was better to be racist than be silent. 

After news broke of the largest college admissions scandal ever prosecuted in U.S. history, the question of affirmative action in education and its continued need was thrust back into the national conversation.

A lawsuit was filed against elite universities that are engulfed in a widespread admissions scandal.

The Trump administration rescinded President Barack Obama’s affirmative action guidelines to school districts and colleges.

Two white Cincinnati police officers filed a federal lawsuit alleging that they are victims of reverse discrimination.