The new anti-affirmative action lawsuit aiming to strike down race-conscious admissions at West Point farcically claims racism in the military has been “virtually nonexistent post-Vietnam.”


It’s not surprising, then, to hear some Asian Americans celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision as striking down discrimination against them.

With Harvard's legacy admissions being investigated by the U.S. Department of Education, here's how PWI family ties differ from HBCUs'.

Lest we forget he also sabotaged justice for Breonna Taylor.


Legacy admissions are based on parental connections to a given school, but support for the policy actually has something to do with race, research shows.


The Supreme Court's affirmative action decision willfully ignored this country's persistent vestiges of racial discrimination and inequality, New York Congressman Gregory Meeks writes in this op-ed.

The Supreme Court made a major ruling on affirmative action in colleges and universities, here to break it down to break down the court ruling is Judge Melodee Armstrong


With the implosion of affirmative action, it is paramount that we must strengthen, fortify and increase HBCUs, Phyllis Hill of Faith In Action writes.


Ferguson Movement leader Tory Russell reacts to the Supreme Court judge's concurring opinion.

White women for decades have benefitted the most from affirmative action, even thought they're among those who oppose it the most. It's not irony, it's just America.

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Amid Candace Owens' glee at the Supreme Court decision, never forget how her old lawyer once said she and Clarence Thomas "reaped all the benefits of affirmative action and then tried to roll over on it."

For my entire life, affirmative action has been a confusing topic for many (even for me), which led to some weird moments as a Black teen.