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Some on Twitter are calling the Chicago superstar's campaign efforts disruptive to the upcoming presidential election.

The university is investigating the allegations stemming from separate incidents in 2015 and during the 2016-17 season respectively.

Officer Joseph Mensah, who has shot and killed two others before Alvin Cole, was recommended to be fired by an independent investigator.

With talks of a new stimulus bill eradicated from the conversation, a new poll heaves almost equal blame on President Donald Trump and Democrats.

Derek Chauvin was released from a maximum-security facility after posting a $1 million bond,

With Trump's recent coronavirus scare, the debate schedule ahead of November's vote has the potential to change drastically.

With the election a month out, the high stakes presidential election will hinge on messaging and campaign policy talking points to sway voters on the fence in some swing states.

Steve Conrad, who was fired over the summer after the police shooting death of restaurant owner Daniel McAtee, was incorrectly informed that Taylor was in possession of a rifle.

Monday morning (Oct. 5), the former business mogul unleashed a barrage of tweets urging his supporters to vote, taking aim at the Democratic Party, and suggesting votes against him will remove Second Amendment rights.