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The CIA and the government spying on homes has been a part of the rumor mill for years. With so many “smart gadgets” available, that scary idea may actually become reality. Even “dumb gadgets,” such as refrigerators, ovens, and lighting systems are now linked to the Internet. So how is the future looking? It’s possible […]

We all know recycling is a wonderful invention, but now recycling has a new meaning! An architect in New Mexico transformed a variety of trash, including car tires, glass bottles, and other unwanted garbage, into innovative furniture and buildings. Check it out! Scientists now claim that a weird fish-like creature called “Pikaia Gracilens” is our […]

It seems like everything is tied to cancer. Now, milk is apparently cancerous too. A new study from Harvard University says that pasteurized milk is linked to causing hormone-dependent cancers. Farms force their cows to eat genetically modified corn and other foods which makes them sick, and in turn, makes us sick! Are you going […]

Racial bullying happens every day. Despite being of Hispanic decent, a Connecticut student gets a stabbed in the back in addition to being called names like “Whitey” and “stupid White cracker.” Check out the story and join in the discussion! Who knew televisions could kill? A few incidents have happened around Chicago lately that centers […]

A pentagon lawyer says U.S. citizens accused of having ties to terrorist groups can be assassinated! What’s worse, U.S. courts don’t have the right to review these cases, because they are not allowed to judge decisions made by the Executive Branch. I’m not feeling so safe … are you? How many times have you bypassed […]

To celebrate Black History Month, NewsOne is proud to honor Game Changers, everyday people that make a difference. With each amazing story, we aim to shine the spotlight on extraordinary citizens that deserve more than just a mention within their own communities — people like La’Shanda Holmes, Maria Davis, and Maya Rupert. (Pictures of them […]