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Doctors said the children were malnourished with one child’s growth stunted because of the neglect.

Delphia Robinson said her son was also called racial slurs.

David Logan's injuries were so severe, he had to be treated by two hospitals.

Two videos showing the interaction between Tupelo, Mississippi residents Robert Morton, his pregnant fiance Porsha Shields, who took the video, and two Mississippi officers was posted to Facebook.

Santino William Legan posted about book widely known in white supremacist circles.

Chico Cromartie is yet another resident that calls the Sunken Place home.

Nine police officers at Hampton University were the latest casualties in a growing list of cops being disciplined for social media posts that support racism, misogyny, violence and/or Islamophobia.

Nancy Goodman, who was recorded on video calling Black women the N-word, offered a weak excuse for her racism and said she would do it all over again.

Shannon Bynes only took 10 minutes to look over Ray Anthony Neal's body.

Booker Moody's family called the shooting a "terrible accident."

Denali Berries Stuckey brings the death count for Black trans women in 2019 to 12.