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Once again, white teenagers have found the need to express their disgusting racist views on social media. This time, like most of the others, they do with impunity as one of the teens in question is the daughter of a cop in Iowa.

Two teens from Mason City recently went viral after Snapchat video showed them making shockingly offensive comments about Black people. Though local news outlets did not identify the girls by name, Twitter users were tweeting that one of the girls was Ashton Shrader, the daughter of a police officer there.

“Ok, so the ‘n-word,'” the person alleged to be Shrader began as her friend laughed in the background. “It’s not supposed to be used in a derogatory way, but …” she looked to her friend.

“… I don’t care,” the friend finished.

“I don’t either,” the person alleged to be Shrader agreed. “So you’re going to get pissed off for me saying ‘nigger.'”

“I don’t really say it to straight up to people like straight ‘you’re a N-word,'” the friend admitted.

“I usually say it to joke around, but like we still say it. Who cares what the fuck happened to you some what years ago; it’s not like you experienced it. I mean I wish you could go experience it,” the person alleged to be Shrader continued, seemingly referring to slavery.

It was at that moment that her friend seemed to finally think that things had gone too far and gasped, placing a hand over her mouth.

“But, I mean, I do too like, wouldn’t it be fun to go pick some cotton?” the person alleged to be Shrader said. “But on the other hand, you Black people are mad at us because of something that happened how many years ago?”

“I didn’t do it,” her friend finished.

“Like we didn’t do it, so stop being pissed off at us for using the word,” the person alleged to be Shrader said.

After the video went viral, the Mason City Police Department, where Ashton Shrader’s father is a deputy, released a statement distancing itself from the racist comments.

“At approximately noon today, the Mason City Police Department was made aware of a social

media post that was made by an immediate family member of one of our officers,” the Mason City Police Department wrote Wednesday. “This post was offensive, racist, and done in poor taste. The Mason City Police Department does not support this action in any way and has worked diligently to build relationships in our community and to improve the diversity of our organization.”

The Mason City Police Department also mentioned that it spoke with the Cerro Gordo County Attorney and said that the girls’ statements were protected by the First Amendment. However, the case was being turned over to the Clear Lake Police Department for further investigation to avoid any conflict of interest.

The Mason City Community School District, where the teens are students, also released a statement where it encouraged parents to talk to their children about their “use of social media” as opposed to racial issues.

“The Mason City Community School District learned today of a social media post having racial implications which was made outside of the school environment by two students enrolled in Mason City Community School District,” the statement read. “Our highest priority is to ensure the ongoing safety of students and staff at Mason City Schools and to be responsive to and supportive of all of our students’ needs. We encourage parents to talk with your children about their use of social media and the implications it can have on their family, friends, classmates and their community. We are working with the Mason City Police Department in this matter.”

Despite these reactions from police and school officials, it appears that the girls will not face any true consequences for their actions, something that could encourage the same or worse from the next group of racist teens who have access so social media platforms to spread their hateful rhetoric.


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