Family & Parenting

A 10-year-old black girl in Utah died by suicide after telling family members that she had been a victim of bullying at her school. Tichenor Cox and the family are taking it upon themselves to try to raise awareness about suicide amongst children and thwart bullying. 

With Father's Day falling right after the Juneteenth holiday, Black organizers share their thoughts on the intersection of liberation and fatherhood.

Parents of color have an opportunity to offer counter-stories that focus on people who look like us, as opposed to having our children forced to learn from narratives written from a European or white perspective.

Disasters – whether hurricanes, earthquakes or pandemics like the coronavirus – disrupt social and physical environments for large groups of people. These changes increase families’ vulnerabilities to domestic violence.

Few custody and child-support court orders have provisions covering how to share parenting in a pandemic like the coronavirus – although they may become common in the future.

Experts explain the differences between gender and sexual identity, while also discussing the commonalities of gender identity for children and how their parents can support them.

Our current President reportedly doesn't even get his wife a present for Christmas.

We had to revisit this collection of photos to reflect on when we had a man of decency in the White House.

Barack & Michelle Obama's 25th Anniversary

My Grammy is the reason I got to meet President Obama.

Most of us didn’t pay attention to the White House Easter Egg Roll until the Obamas took office. And a lucky few of us were even able to join in on the festivities.

As with the Obama family, we are going to miss “Uncle Joe” too.