"Lifting As We Climb" has long been the mission of African-American women.

Hundreds of social media posts claim that passengers traveling to Ghana have been left without luggage or answers as EgyptAir lost their belongings.

As thousands of Hurricane Dorian survivors evacuate the Bahamas, "Tourism is still thriving," Bahamas Consul General Theo Neilly said.

Adut Akech held nothing back on Australia's WHO magazine.

Counterfeit or illegally made alcohol brings a new level of risk, as it is not monitored for safety and may include added ingredients, such as methanol, known to be extremely harmful to health.

The community made it clear that there is a demand to hear more from uninterrupted, black voices… check out A Space For Creators for some wish fulfillment. The entertainment landscape is changing rapidly. A growing wave of multicultural content appears to be hitting its stride. Recently, NewsOne informed you about the launch of the financial […]

Crying “cancel culture” is simply begging to be as loud and hateful as possible with little recourse.

Some folks may have been surprised to see Dapper Dan’s Gucci designs featured so prominently by celebrities on the red carpet at the annual Met Gala.

Last week it was Gucci, this week it's Burberry.

On NewsOne Now, celebrity doctor and author Ian Smith shares how added sugars are prominent in processed foods and how to best avoid them.

A good breakfast gets your energy going for the day. Try these healthier options.

Whether it’s playing caregiver to a family member, trying to figure out how to squeeze a dollar out of the last dime or juggling the priorities of regular work-life activities, we all deal with stress. Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Stressing about all of this excess, well, stress, could wreck more than a good manicure. You […]