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While hip-hop has left an indelible imprint on the field of education, it is not done yet.

Is it insulting to use terms like "Black History Month" or "African American"? Morgan Freeman thinks so, and he's got our people talking.

The State of the Black World Conference V (SOBWC-V) is an upcoming event that addresses crucial issues that affect Black communities.


The tax deadline has been pushed back to April 18 this year, giving those leaving it to the last minute a few extra days


Why Black-owned banks are uniquely positioned to restore the public’s trust in banking institutions.

In a world where gifs & internet jokes rule, is it offensive — appropriation, even — for white people to share memes featuring Black people?

In recent years, a new cultural battleground has emerged in the U.S. called the "Woke Wars," which has pitted Americans against one another.

We’ve put together a list of things Black writers should know before they dive into the world of ChatGPT.

Fox News host Dana Perino claims the word "woke" is more of a "feeling" than something that can actually be defined.

These vacation hotspots have becoming popular for their exciting attractions and safety for Black travelers.


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and lasts either 29 or 30 days, depending on the new crescent moon.

Following conservative writer Bethany Mandel's viral on-air "woke" moment, we thought of some other terms taken from Black culture and mercilessly misused and abused.