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There's no better time to support Black-owned businesses than during Black History Month.

Stephen Curry is paying homage to another Black legend who came before him with special pairs of Black History Month-themed sneakers.

While we remember the past, let’s not forget about our own current well-being.


There are 15 Black billionaires that exist around the world. Just two of them are women, but they are all changing the world with their dynamic business acumen and immense wealth.


A pro-trans group that said Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" song inspires "harm against transgender women" now claims it was "satire." But a handful of news outlets got caught slipping.


Up to 10% of Melanesian folks have blonde hair.

Mielle Organics is joining the P&G Beauty family, making the Black-owned business part of one of the world's biggest personal care brands.


Mielle Organics understands the assignment.

Black folks broke down plenty of barriers this year.

College Sports

T.C. Taylor, the wide receivers coach for the Tigers during their undefeated regular season, was hired on the recommendation of outgoing head coach Deion Sanders.

Here are some interesting writing retreat destinations for Black writers. 


Is it a sin to put up a Christmas Tree?