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During an interview with 'Good Morning America,' Ajike Owens' family demanded that Susan Lorincz be charged with a hate crime.

Alabama state Sen. April Weaver and other Alabama legislators want to make faking a kidnapping a felony after Carlee Russell's case.

Let's take a look at the Black "scholars" the DeSantis administration selected to change the Black history standards in Florida.

Onyx's attitude regarding the shooting and her road to recovery is both inspiring and heartbreaking.

A research organization, has Twitter's litigation fingers foaming at the tips after the group found that racism was up on the platform.

Former Ohio cop Ryan Speakman was fired after releasing his canine on Jadarrius Rose because he kept talking about it.

The Circleville Police Department fired Officer Ryan Speakman for releasing the dog that bit Jadarrius Rose as his hands were up. But it also defended its "use of canines" and rebuffed calls for more training.

Addressing out the inaccuracies in Florida's "slaves benefited from slavery" narrative, while noble and truthful, is, in many ways, besides the point.

PragerU is a right-wing organization founded by a suspected white supremacist.

MAGA World loves saying the quiet part out loud.