Civil Rights & Social Justice

Catch up on the latest photos, commentary, archives, and more news on civil rights and social justice affecting the Black community.

Donald Trump used his Truth Social platform to resume his nonsensical beef with former Georgia election worker Ruby Freeman.

A Black family that won back property previously owned by their ancestors is selling the land now.

A police-run tennis program detained him.

Happy New Year! Jackie Johnson, the ex-Georgia DA charged for meddling in the Ahmaud Arbery investigation, will finally be in court in 2023.

We compiled a review of social justice stories worth revisiting or reading for the first time. Catching up on what has happened in the past can help plan for how to engage in the coming year.

Three men were arrested after video showed Black teens attacked at a "whites only" pool.

Old tweets show Republican New York Congressman-elect George Santos, who's been exposed as a serial liar, once claimed to be a "biracial" man who is "Caucasian and black."

Kevin McCarthy, who once hosted racist Obama birthers in his Congressional office, has nothing to say about George Santos' actual lies.

Free State police are investigating an assault case that took place on Christmas day against black teens at a swimming pool in South Africa.

Nicholas Spencer and his wife, Mackenzie Leigh Mathias Spencer, are charged with trafficking and the torture of their Ugandan foster child.

Dalvin Gadson filed a federal lawsuit against three members of the Colorado Springs Police Department involved in a violent stop.

Dec. 20 marks the 36th year since a group of racist, white teen thugs violently confronted three Black men and brutally attacked them with baseball bats and other weapons, leaving one of them -- 23-year-old Michael Griffith -- dead in the Howard Beach neighborhood of New York City's Queens borough.