Civil Rights & Social Justice

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A police shooting that led to the death of Nika Holbert, a Black woman, has sparked a larger debate about best practices by law enforcement and who was in the wrong first in the fateful encounter in Nashville.

Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson's recent racist comments about Black Lives Matter and the attempted Capitol coup reveals a more disturbing conversation and a potential preview of Johnson’s 2022 re-election strategy.

Recently released court documents showed a group of Louisiana State Troopers joked about beating a Black man in a group text, pointing to a larger pattern of police brutality among officers in the northeast part of the state.

Across the United States demonstrators held rallies to honor the life and legacy of Breonna Taylor, a Black 26-year-old Louisville, Kentucky, woman who was killed by police in her home.

It’s been one year since Louisville police killed Breonna Taylor, another Black woman taken from us for no other reason than her life wasn’t deemed valuable or worthy of protection.

Black law students at Georgetown took action after a racist viral video showed two adjunct professors engaged in an exchange that students say confirms their suspicions.

Almost a month since a winter storm slammed through the gulf states, residents in Jackson, Mississippi, were still waiting for water service to be restored entirely.

From the poorly planned release of his engagement photos to the release of the grand jury tapes, it's apparent that Cameron is only invested in securing and upholding the idea of whiteness.

Justice for Breonna doesn’t only mean accountability in the eyes of the law. She deserved the right to create and raise the family she wanted without having to be afraid of police violence. Breonna deserved reproductive justice.

Activists demanded that Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine prosecute the police officers involved in Breonna Taylor's death now that his self-proclaimed conflict of interest that prompted his recusal last year no longer exists.

Tamika Palmer says she will not give up on gaining justice for her daughter as the 1-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor's death inches closer.

Kendrick Johnson's harrowing death remains an open wound for his family eight years later, but they desperately hope new leads can give them the answers they've been searching for.