Opinion articles and newspaper editorials on current events told from a Black perspective.

There are probably more consequential aspects to the GOP’s takeover of the House of Representatives than concerns over legislative gridlock.

As America’s democracy matured, the power of the people became a matter of right under the Constitution.

Kari Lake said if she was Brittney Griner, she would have stayed locked up in Russia rather than be traded for arms dealer Victor Bout.

Implying that Black people don't speak up for other oppressed groups is a flat-out lie.

Jason Whitlock, of all people, accused Deion Sanders of abandoning Black people by leaving Jackson State University. The irony...

Bill Cosby was sued in New York by five women who are all alleging he sexually assaulted or raped them. His rep says it's "about the money."

Kenya Barris is facing some criticism for the trailer of his upcoming Netflix film ‘You People.’

Van Jones did not apologize to the Jewish community on behalf of Black people's "silence" over Kanye West's antisemitism, but criticism followed anyway.

The safety net of savings that families might need is getting smaller.

Mock slave auctions are not rare occurrences.

With rising authoritarianism, our nation desperately needs well-funded, well-staffed and diverse newsrooms.