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In the meantime Nate says he's changed his diet to help keep his health in check as he eats fruits, grilled protein such as chicken and fish while staying away from processed foods.

While O.J. Simpson's confession to killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1994 remains alleged, there are quite a number of reasons to suggest he may actually be guilty.

In a case reminiscent of Tamir Rice, an Akron police officer shot a Black teen, Tavion Koonce-Williams, who was holding a fake gun.

Indiana State University student Asa Blanton appeared to respond to Beyonce's country album by declaring that Black people can't be country.

The disgraced mogul was sued by sexual assault accuser Drew Dixon.

Danielle Johnson allegedly stabbed her boyfriend Jaelen Allen Chaney to death before pushing her children out of a moving car onto a highway.


The hip-hop icon who rose to fame as rapper Big Daddy Kane's DJ was 57.


The lawsuit centers on murder charges against rapper Ludacris' manager Shaka Zulu.


Conservatives have accused Jasmine Crockett of suggesting Black people shouldn't pay taxes as reparations, but a video shows that's far from the truth.

Dexter Reed was shot and killed by Chicago police last month after they allegedly pulled him over for failing to wear a seatbelt.