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In the Saudi culture, it is not beyond the norm for an older man to take a younger bride. However, the recent marriage of a 90-year-old man to a 15-year-old girl is raising the ire of folks around the globe, with many saying that the union is a human rights violation, Al Arabiya News reports. According […]


Many men in their 50s struggle to maintain the bodies they once had when they were in their 20s and 30s. While many of them limit their efforts for a fit physique to hitting the iron at the local gym and adhering to a healthy diet, some, like Donovan Nelson of Essex, England, also choose […]


“We took a hit.” Tio Hardiman (pictured), director of CeaseFire Illinois and founder of the Violence Interrupter Initiative, spoke with NewsOne exclusively about Chicago’s outsize crime rate in 2012. He also weighed in on the national spotlight and outpouring of grief upon the news of the mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut […]

Yu Youzhen (pictured), who hails from Wuhan City, China, is a millionaire who still manages to get up every day at 3 a.m. to hightail it to her job as a sanitation worker, where she spends six hours a day sweeping, picking up garbage, and going through trash cans six days a week. Why is this […]


When a mother heard knocks at the door of her Loganville, Ga., home Friday afternoon, she initially thought it was a solicitor. Scroll down for news video Though the persistent knocks evoked suspicion from the 37-year-old mother of two and lead her to hide herself and her children in her home office on the third […]

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The numbers are in and the Oval Office dreams of failed GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, ended with a number that he’s extremely familiar with: 47 Percent. According to Associated Press calculations, Romney managed to convince only 47.2 percent of voters that he was the right man to steer the country through war, recession, fiscal […]

An explosive federal hate crime case in Mississippi from 2011 has sparked charges against a mob of young Whites who confessed to harassing and assaulting Blacks in the town of Jackson. On Thursday, a sixth member of the group pleaded guilty to charges of a conspiracy to commit a hate crime in federal court, reports […]


Two Manchester, Conn., twins figured it isn’t enough for them to share the same genes; they have to share the same girlfriend, too. But the arrangement got violent on New Year’s Eve, according to The Hartford Courant reports. Aric Ryan Hale and Sean Peter Hale, both 28, were arrested after fighting over who would have […]


After a Bronx teen was robbed of her iPad at a Bronx bus stop, one of the assailants took incriminating photos of herself with it, the New York Daily News reports. SEE ALSO: Gabby Giffords Heads To Newtown The victim was waiting on the bus at E. Tremont and Crotona avenues when several young women […]

The beauty with the fiery attitude, model Naomi Campbell (pictured) was violently attacked on the streets of gay Paris last month.  The scuffle appeared to be an attempted robbery, which left the cover girl on the losing end with a torn ligament in her leg, according to the Daily Mail. SEE ALSO: 2 Cops Shot On […]


Elzina Brown became the first murder victim of 2013 after she tried to protect her 22-year-old daughter during a domestic dispute at her home in the Bronx on Thursday, the New York Daily News reports. Brown, 59, was home during her lunch break around 1:30 p.m. when her daughter, Diamond Dunn, and her boyfriend, Raymond […]


A Louisville, Ky., woman was arrested after she tried to use her EBT card to buy iPads, WHAS-TV reports. Tracy Browning reportedly entered the Valley Station Walmart in Louisville where she tried to purchase two iPads with her EBT card. When the card was declined, she dashed for the exit with the items and reportedly […]