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PBS journalist Gwen Ifill, moderator of the upcoming vice presidential debate, dismissed conservative questions about her impartiality because she is writing a book that includes material on Barack Obama.

In a taped discussion between renowned conservatives George Will and Newt Gingrich they both referred to Sarah Palin as a huge gamble. Will called the Palin gamble an avoidable one. In a time of economic crisis and war, can we afford to gamble on someone who’s party’s pundits refer to as a huge gamble?

  Thursday night will be one of a few telling moments of Election ’08. On the heels of the nation’s financial despair, the testy battle between John McCain and Barack Obama’s ad messages, and the extreme ineptitude of Gov. Sarah Palin in interviews, the race could turn on its head instantly. When Sarah Palin and […]

This video shows McCain’s lack of knowledge on the economy, his economic flip-flops on regulation and his several statements that ‘The fundamentals of the economy are strong.’

WASHINGTON – Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin repeatedly failed to cite a newspaper or magazine when asked what she had read regularly before John McCain picked her as his running mate, saying only that she had read “most of them.”

WASHINGTON — Recently trailing or tied, Democrat Barack Obama now leads Republican John McCain in a trio of the most critical, vote-rich states five weeks before the election, according to presidential poll results released Wednesday.

Though the first half hour of the debate focused on the financial crisis and the candidates’ domestic priorities, three important issues around foreign policy were also raised during the presidential debate.

It’s been a month since Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been named as John McCain’s running mate and she has already generated more scandals than most politicians do in their whole career. Here’s our list of the Top 5: 1. Troopergate Read About Troopergate Here 2. Membership in Radical Alaskan Secessionist Party, AKIP Read About […]

In a recent online interview Sen. John McCain said he was uncertain about how many homes he owns.

Republican John McCain says he’s directing his staff to work with Barack Obama’s campaign and the debate commission to delay Friday’s debate because of the economic crisis.

The previously urgent bailout plan stalled significantly yesterday as House Republicans — under John McCain’s lead — refused to pass a bill without specified conditions.

Republican John McCain agreed to attend the first presidential debate Friday night even though Congress doesn’t have a bailout deal, reversing an earlier decision to delay the forum until Washington had addressed the financial crisis.