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Cory Booker vs. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris vs, Tulsi Gabbard... Twitter had some thoughts.


If Donald Trump keeps using racist strategies like his attacks on the Squad, Elijah Cummings and Baltimore, it could cost him in 2020.

In the first Democratic debate, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio avoided scrutiny for his [mis]handling of Eric Garner's killing by the NYPD. He wasn't so lucky the second time around.


Our current Democratic candidates need to take some tips from Obama.


Twitter users created hundreds of the most amazing memes and gifs in response to the second round of the Democratic debates.

Charles Barkley air-balled a layup of a question ahead of the second Democratic debate in Detroit when he was asked point-blank if he thought Donald Trump was a racist.

The Rev. Donte Hickman, of East Baltimore, said he was "unavailable" to meet with Trump at the president's impromptu "Inner City Pastors" meeting at the White House.


Throughout the entirety of Trump’s political career, Black politicians, journalists and generally every Black person in between has been gaslit and chastised for calling him a racist. The fact is, we were right.

Joe Biden is prepared for a fight this time around.

The Black vote is key to winning the Democratic primary.