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While Barack Obama is still feeling the heat for taking a picture with Ludacris a year ago, John McCain is associating himself with questionable entertainment himself. McCain will give a speech at the Sturgis Rally at Buffalo Chip, South Dakota. Besides having a women’s wrestling event and what people describe as a ‘topless’ beauty pageant(wet […]

Barack Obama stepped triumphantly into history Wednesday night, the first black American to win a major party presidential nomination, as thousands of Democrats transformed their convention hall into a joyful, shouting celebration.

Media airwaves have bulled up on the topic of McCain’s VP and incumbent Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter being pregnant. Critics are also saying her return to work 4 days after the birth of her infant son with Down Syndrome was too sudden. How does she address his needs?

The recent uproar over the Ludacris pro-Obama rap song revealed once again that we are a nation willing to consume and enjoy hip-hop music, even as we refuse to understand hip-hop culture. The question “where does hip-hop end and Black culture begin?” would be a great start.

Last week, the nation observed what may go down in history as the ultimate Jesse Jackson backlash in response to the civil rights leader’s hot mic Obama commentary. Even more outrageous than the contempt that many commentators expressed with Reverend Jackson’s decades old leadership is the seeming lack of concern for a Black agenda by […]

Brandon Ziegler served two tours in Iraq and wears a bracelet inscribed with the name of an Army buddy who never made it home. Jim Morin saw action in both Iraq and Afghanistan and has lost several friends to the war in Iraq, the latest just a month ago.

Back in 2004, when everybody from the Village Voice to members of her own party were telling Hillary Clinton to chill and let that stiff John Kerry take the fall in what was sure to be a disastrous presidential election for the Democrats, Hillary listened but flirted nonetheless with the idea of entering the race […]

Jeremiah Wright’s apparent undermining of Barack Obama’s campaign gets to the heart of an ongoing battle that has been heating up in the Black community since Obama first announced his candidacy.  By entertaining the mainstream media that has been quick to pull down Obama, Wright is displaying a dangerous disregard for Obama’s historic candidacy. But […]

The youth vote is poised to be the decisive factor in the 2008 Presidential Election.  Young people have set records all year at primaries across the country and any candidate on the wrong side of that groundswell shouldn’t sleep easy. In a recent USA Today op-ed, American Enterprise Institute fellow David Frum laments the Republican […]

I’ve spent most of the last 70 years in Charlotte and North Carolina politics and I have never seen this kind of excitement for a primary. Truthfully, it reminds me so very much of the excitement of our movement in the 1960s.

Newark, NJ Mayor Corey Booker is interviewed by North Star Report’s Walter Fields.