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The world was watching Tuesday as the people of Alabama prepared to place their ballots in the special election.

Tomorrow the state of Alabama will vote on whether Democrat Doug Jones or Republican Roy Moore will be elected to the United States Senate. Most analysts predict Moore will win, despite being accused of making sexual advances to five women when they were teenagers. However, Doug Jones’ camp is hoping for record turnout from the […]

The Black public’s inclination to support or defend Black political leaders has given way to disenchantment that seemed to persist up until the present.

There’s a real good chance Donald Trump has ulterior motives for allowing hunters to return to the U.S. with the wildlife game they’ve killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

After the poisoning of a University of Hartford Black student, dialogue about integration won't be enough to stop White terrorism.

While Black people typically been forgiving, this time it's important not to forget that Bob Corker has repeatedly defended Trump's blatant racism.

The NFL may have tried to silence Colin Kaepernick, but the political tone in professional sports was anything but hushed just hours ahead of this season’s NBA tipoff on Tuesday night.

The teenager who is accused of killing a Texas college police officer by shooting him in the head this week benefitted from a series of instances of White privilege before he pulled the trigger.

The narrative surrounding Las Vegas terrorist Stephen Paddock as an "average guy" further speaks to an epidemic of mass shootings committed by white male terrorists.

Just when you thought LaVar Ball couldn’t outdo himself, the perennial father of the year candidate has done it again!

The historic O.J. Simpson verdict handed down 22 years ago today that prompted a chorus of Black rejoicing across the country now evokes a different tune.

Detroit Lions majority owner Martha Firestone Ford reportedly pledged to donate money "to whatever cause players chose" if they do not kneel for the National Anthem.