August 28th, local Atlanta activists will be honoring the 58th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic March on Washington by organizing the March On For Voting Rights

Trump has attacked other people's service when he has never served.

An illogical point from an illogical person.

Trump's fan base are spewing their hate everywhere.

New Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was gifted with hip-hop songs during the contentious election.

As we reflect on the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy, let us also recall the life he lived and the politics he preached up until he was assassinated 50 years ago by White supremacists.

A year ago this month, Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. I, along with millions of other Americans, saw the obvious signs of an upcoming cultural and political crisis. I refused to watch the fiasco on television, remembering the power I felt while covering the inauguration of Barack Obama on […]

Ever since Oprah's longtime partner Stedman Graham blew up her spot on Sunday, saying that she "absolutely" would be interested a presidential bid, the buzz has not stopped.

Colin Kaepernick doesn't need the NFL. He is busy quarterbacking of a bigger movement to combat America's Original Sin.

A judge ruled Thursday that it's up to Congress, not a watchdog group, to prevent Donald Trump from violating a constitutional provision.

Mary Norwood has dropped her legal challenge to Keisha Lance Bottoms's Dec. 5 mayoral run-off election in Atlanta.

Keisha Lance Bottoms, who was expected to lose Atlanta's contentious mayoral race, narrowly defeated a White opponent, who has called for a recount.