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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton apologized for her decision to use a private email account during a recent interview.

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PolitickerOne: Mills, 50, is Clinton’s former chief of staff at State Department and a longtime family attorney. She is testifying before Congress about the emails, as well as Benghazi.

A poll released Tuesday shows a large swath of Republicans voters believe President Obama is indeed Muslim and was born outside of the

Jamycheal Mitchell, who had a history of mental illness, was found dead in a Portsmouth, Virginia jail cell on August 19.

On-air shootings of TV journalists spur debate on whether guns or mental health are to blame.

Calvin Allen Young faces 2 opponents who have led the city, but the 27-year-old political newcomer told NewsOne why he should win anyway.

PolitickerOne: Activist Deray McKesson tells NewsOne how the policy platform, aimed at ending police violence, was develped. Plus: The history behind Trump's Lynyrd Skynyrd fail.

Vice President Joe Biden performs better than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in hypothetical general-election match-ups.

Revoking citizenship rights for those who were born here, even if their parents aren't here legally, would hurl the U.S. back to its racist past.

The Democratic presidential candidate disavows an aide's apology to Black Lives Matter. Plus: Some Black leaders rap Obama's new ozone rules, saying they will hurt urban communities.

PolitickerOne: Is Ben Carson a hypocrite? Plus, "Stump for Trump" girls, Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson leave CNN's Don Lemon speechless.