Charlottesville is a wake-up call for those who argue the world has changed, Interim NAACP President Derrick Johnson writes.

Author and professor David Leonard challenges anti-Black racism in the NFL, provoking readers to think deeper about Colin Kaepernick's racial justice fight.

Approval ratings for President Trump are at their lowest point in his 200-day term. Seventy-five percent of Americans don't trust Trump or the information coming out of White House.

Americans can only hope Republicans and Democrats come up with a bipartisan agreement to avert a repeal of Obamacare.

Republicans on Tuesday postponed a vote on a health care bill that would have imperiled the health and bank accounts of poor Blacks.

Republicans won special elections in Georgia and South Carolina, ending all talk of a referendum on Donald Trump's leadership.

Political strategist China Dickerson explores how the mainstream media and social media treated Michelle Obama compared to Melania Trump.

It is striking that Cosby’s trial commences during the presidency of Donald Trump, writes Ahmad Greene-Hayes.

The move would give the 108-year-old organization more relevance at a critical junction in the nation’s social justice movement.

Donald Trump's remarks about the Civil War are the latest example of a longstanding problem.

India Beaty, 25, and India Kager, 27, were killed in separate incidents last year by Virginia police officers, who will not face prosecution.

International Women's Day: It's time for liberals and progressives to acknowledge that White feminists have been complicit in the oppression of Black women.