Congressman George Kenneth Butterfield, better known as G.K. has served the first district of North Carolina in the United States Congress since 2004. Here is a NewsOne Exclusive interview:

I watched Hillary Clinton’s speech last night blocks away from the Denver Convention Center with a mixture of disappointment and excitement. It was a strong speech with a very powerful delivery. She played her role very well as a party insider and brilliant career politician with a future. At the same, I was disappointed because […]

Last night, Senator Hillary Clinton graced the stage in her “pantsuit”. Senator Clinton tried to focus her speech on how hard we need to work for Senator Obama to be our next president. But was she convincing?

For the past two days on our podcasts, Bakari Kitwana has raised the question of Black-specific issues and, specifically, their omission from Democratic National Convention proceedings this week. Obama is making history as a Black political candidate, but he’s also been doing an interesting dance around issues of race.

Auntie, It has come to my attention that you do not intend to vote for Barack Obama this November and you are even considering voting for John McCain. I am deeply disturbed by your decision. I know I may have rubbed it in your face a little when Obama won and treated it like the […]

Several years ago, Patricia Bell-Scott, Gloria T. Hull and Barbara Smith edited a groundbreaking volume called All the Women Are White, All the Blacks Are Men, But Some of Us Are Brave (1982). The book, which highlights the ways black women have been marginalized in movements that claim to represent them, should be required reading […]

I had a chance this morning to sit down with Jerry Meek, who is the state chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party. Jerry is 37, has been involved in politics since he was 13 and, at age 17, became the youngest delegate ever elected to a Democratic National Convention. He’s also, at about 6’ […]

Interesting conversation with Jack Sanders at the North Carolina delegation ice cream social last night (Jack and I have been acquainted for a couple of years). Jack is the chairman of the Orange County Democratic party in North Carolina, the county that includes Chapel Hill. It’s by far the most liberal county in the state: […]

About twelve hours before Michelle Obama and her two daughters graced the Pepsi Center Stage to speak to the Democratic National Convention, she did her walk through of her keynote address that would come later last night.

Jesse Jackson Jr. just compared Barack Obama to Jackie Robinson in his role as first black person actively campaigning for the presidency. Those familiar with Jackie Robinson’s story know why Robinson was chosen to be the first black person to compete in Major Leaugue Baseball.

After months of debate, Hillary Clinton’s name will be placed in nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO next week, allowing for a roll-call vote. Though the outcome of the roll-call vote is presumably already known—Senator Obama earned a majority of the delegates in May—Clinton supporters have argued that the formal process will […]

If anyone hasn’t read Obama’s book, Dreams of my father I suggest you do so immediately. It is an extraordinary look into Obama’s journey of identity, race and his struggle to make the world a better place. The book received little fanfare when it was released in 1995 but became a best seller after Obama […]