Race Matters

A tweet promoting a giveaway for a minor league baseball team nicknamed "NOOGA" sparked outrage on Black Twitter over the alleged racial overtones.

Glen Kuiper blamed "this current environment" for why he lost his job.

Glen Kuiper lost his job more than 2 weeks after saying the racial slur on live TV.

Dallas Braden addressed his on-air partner Glen Kuiper saying the N-word on TV.

An old video of Glen Kuiper has surfaced.

Ken Griffey Sr. recalls one of his and his son’s most memorable interactions on the field. Watch the baseball legend speaking out.

If the MLB really wants more U.S.–born Blacks to play baseball again, then it will need to bring baseball back to the hood.

Little League baseball said white teammates covering a Black player's hair with cotton on live TV was not "racially insensitive."


Willie Mays has repeatedly called for Barry Bonds' induction into the baseball Hall of Fame. Now, the home run king is effectively shut out from inclusion in what many consider to be baseball's greatest honor.

The "Tomahawk Chop” is racist and if you cannot acknowledge this, it means you are drowning in white privilege.

News sources are reporting that the baseball fan at a Colorado Rockies game accused of repeatedly yelling the N-word to a Black player was instead actually shouting out the name of the team mascot.