Tara Reade shares her story with podcaster Katie Halper.

A new report by Plus Three illuminates some important questions.

If Joe Biden becomes the Democratic nominee and picks Amy Klobuchar as his running mate over any number of qualified Black women rumored to be under consideration, some Black voters may take it as a slap in the face.

Joe Biden’s South Carolina primary win prompted a spirited online debate about his presumed Democratic nomination and who the former vice president should pick as his running mate: Stacey Abrams or Kamala Harris.

Citing the civil rights movement, Kamala Harris announced that she will be endorsing Joe Biden.

Florida Congresswoman Val Demings has been increasingly the subject of people being considered as a vice-presidential candidate for the eventual Democratic nominee.

Joe Biden's electoral momentum -- or, as some have called it, "JoeMentum" -- was undeniable after Super Tuesday. Will an endorsement from Mike Bloomberg slow Biden down or propel him to the primary finish line?

As the South Carolina primary will take place on Saturday, Joe Biden, who was confident in his support from the state's Black voters, is facing competition from other Democratic presidential candidates, which could possibly affect the outcome of the primary results.

"CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King is criticized over her moderating performance at the South Carolina debate.

In the Blackest setting yet for Democratic debates, the all-white lineup of presidential candidates showed their truest of colors when discussing the Charleston church massacre during the debate in South Carolina.

Mike Bloomberg's racist legacy of stop and frisk galvanized Democrats against the former New York City mayor's debate debut in Las Vegas just days ahead of the Nevada Caucuses.

Kamala Harris says her focus is on the impeachment, opposed to endorsing a Democratic Presidential candidate.