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10 Powerful Messages We Found On Bishop TD Jakes’ Instagram  was originally published on

1. Setbacks Are Setups For Your Big Comeback”

“Life is a fight. And when you win the fight, the reward is another fight.”

2. “When You Know How To Struggle, You Know How To Keep Pushing Through”

Angelica Nwandu, founder of TheShadeRoom, appeared on the “TD Jakes Show” to encourage other young professionals to keep going despite the ups and downs they may face in their career.

3. Give your Child The Gas They Need To Rise, Then Let Them Fly Alone

While promoting “Fences,” Denzel Washington stopped by the “TD Jakes Show” to give personal advice to a father gearing up to send his son to college. Denzel offered the father an analogy that will change your mood this morning.

4. “Time Brings About Change”

5. Learn How To Reboot Yourself

Joel Osteen visited the “TD Jakes Show” to offer words of encouragement to people dealing with negativity in their lives. Bishop Jakes reminded us that we must live in our destiny, not in our history.

6. Take The Time To Unwine And Transition For Work To Home

A couple, raising triplets, sought advice on how to deal with work-life balance and learned that taking those five minutes after a long day at work are necessary.

7. “Repentance Is Revival”

8. Don’t Let Obstacles Hinder You From Reaching Your Dreams