Former President Bill Clinton has a complicated (and maybe generational) relationship with the Black community. He was once called the “first” Black president in part because he talked about his experiences in the Black church and played the saxophone on “The Aresenio Hall Show.”

However, his policies, like the 1994 crime reform bill or the 1996 welfare reform act damaged Black communities for years. One could easily argue it’s part of the reason why Hillary Clintonย in the 2016 presidential election didn’t garner a huge amount of the Black vote like many expected.

That’s whyย many were confused why Clinton’s presence was needed atย Aretha Franklin‘s funeral on Friday.

First, there was the lustful look he was giving pop singer Ariana Grande.

In case you missed it, here is a better shot:

Lucky she wasn’t wearing a blue dress…

Then there was an incredibly long eulogy.

However, the strangest moment was him being introduced at the Queen of Soul’s funeral as America’s first Black president. Yep, people are still saying that — even though we already had a Black president.

As you can imagine, Twitter decided to let have — and it wasn’t pretty.








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13. Lawd…

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