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The saying that any publicity is good publicity was being put to the test Tuesday morning after a travel agency was put on blast for advertising that a popular Bahamas vacation resort there was still open for business while the island nation was still suffering from Hurricane Dorian. The tweet from a company called Trip Concierge was being blasted as distasteful at best and not having any regard for human life at worst.

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Good news! Nassau, Paradise Island, Bahamas was spared by the hurricane, so you wont have to worry about your Atlantis vacation,” the tweet, posted Monday night, said in part about Atlantis Paradise Island, which bills itself as “the world’s largest open-air marine habitat.” Meanwhile, elsewhere on the archipelago of the Bahamas, at least five people were killed from Hurricane Dorian, which had reached winds of up to 200 miles per hour as the Abaco Islands were flooded, ruining homes and other buildings.

But that didn’t stop Trip Concierge from adding to the tweet that Paradise Island got very wet, but no damage.” The tweet was accompanied by the words in capital letters, “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” signed with the hashtags, “#nassau #bahamas #travel #wanderlust.”

While Hurricane Dorian was downgraded to a Category 2 storm as of Tuesday, the Bahamas was still being pelted with rain and wind gusts as fast as 110 miles per hour and water levels up to 15 feet higher than normal. The National Hurricane Center said Dorian’s “Core” was  “moving away from Grand Bahama Island” but also cautioned that “dangerous winds and life-threatening storm surge will continue there through this evening.”

Considering the ill-timed tweet, some Twitter users reacted in part by telling the travel agency what it should really focus its time and energy on in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

Others suggested that the company take measures to make sure such a social media gaffe never happens again.

Adding insult to injury, Hurricane Dorian was seemingly in no hurry to move away from the Bahamas. After approaching the islands on Saturday, the mammoth weather pattern stalled above and wreaked havoc for more than two days. That led in part to the death of an eight-year-old boy named Lachino Mcintosh who reportedly drowned in the flooding from the storm in the Bahamas. His sister was reported missing, as well.

While the Bahamas and its economy has long been heavily tourism-driven, the tweet from Trip Concierge seemed pretty tone-deaf and presumptuous in terms of the timing for when the Bahamas would begin its recovery. Forecasters predicted that Dorian would move ultimately toward the southeastern seaboard of the U.S. this week. The storm was expected to hit parts of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

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