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We saw by her look at this year’s Met Gala in New York City (seen above) that singer, actress and all-around modern Renaissance woman Janelle Monáe is finding much pleasure in the bare sight of her modelesque body frame.

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It now looks like she’s inviting the world to continue viewing her body party as she rolls out a new album titled The Age Of Pleasure, and the promo trail has already set the tone for where the hitmaker’s famously dirty mind is at this era.



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The video and its promo, which in part pays homage to the iconic 1972 Jamaica poster ad featuring soaking-wet Trinidadian beauty Sintra Bronte, is littered with every sort of appreciation of the Divine Feminine form. Janelle herself dives head-first, in many instances literally, to indulge in her love for the female body; hers is of course on maximum display itself throughout the majority of the time with zero shame. She’s bold, Black (AF!), beautiful and bodacious in all the areas that matter. It’s quite a sight to see, and the overall message gets even deeper than the surface-level sexuality of it all.

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The Dirty Computer performer has been open on many occasions about her bisexuality, pansexuality and identifying as non-binary. The video for “Lipstick Lover,” the upcoming album’s lead single, explores all different sides of her fluidness as the video progresses, whether it be poolside orgies or, um, shoe-eating fetishes? Whatever floats your boat, Monie love!

Janelle Monae will release The Age of Pleasure on June 9. Watch the video for “Lipstick Lover” below, and also check out a few of the many on social media that are still doing their best to cool down after seeing what’s she’s cooking up in that kitchen:


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1. Janelle Monae’s newfound dedication to public nudity is a marvel to behold. May she continue to be blessed with good lighting and premium moisturizer.

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5. ngl seeing a lot of men be like, “SHE WAS DRESSIN IN THEM SUITS WHEN SHE HAD ALL THAT BAWDY UNDERNEATH?!” abt Janelle Monaé really irks tf outta me lolol

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6. In 2013, if you told me Janelle Monae would be posting something like this in 2023, I would have called you crazy.

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7. I will gatekeep janelle monae. Yall only like her cause her tits out now? I been ten toes down since tightrope!! 😭

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8. Janelle Monáe has always been beautiful but some ppl reaction when she was wearing suits early in her career was like:

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