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On December 4, Jonathan Hart was shot and killed by a security guard at a Walgreens in Hollywood because he was suspected of being a shoplifter. Only 21 years old, Hart, who also went by the name Sky Young, was laid to rest yesterday.

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While the shooting is still being investigated, his friend who was with him at the time, Aaliyah Haughto, told KTLA 5, “A lot of awful words were exchanged, and we were then followed to the end of the store to complete our transaction. An altercation broke out again, scuffle happened, shoves were met.”

She said Hart was heading for the exit and “the security guard pulled out his weapon and fired.” He was reportedly shot in the back. The 21-year-old later died in the hospital.

Walgreens issued a statement, saying the company was “deeply concerned about this incident and the loss of life” and is “gathering facts and fully cooperating with law enforcement.” However, KTLA reports the family filed a $525 million dollar lawsuit against the company, claiming because he was Black and openly gay that security responded violently.

Carl E. Douglas, one of O.J. Simpson’s former defense attorneys who is representing the family, said at a news conference, “I dare say, Jonathan Hart was profiled because he was homeless. He was harassed because he was gay, and he was shot because he was Black. I gave this family a pledge: that Jonathan will not have died in vain, and that, on behalf of the people of America, through the spirit of Jonathan Hart, we are gonna make Walgreens pay.”

Reportedly, the security guard has not been terminated from Walgreens.

See the video and photos below of the homegoing for Jonathan Hart.