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Joshua Brown was shot and killed 10 days after being a a key witness in Amber Guyger‘s murder trial. Immediately, people like Lee Merritt, the family attorney for Botham Jean, asked for an independent investigation outside of the Dallas Police Department — that clearly will not happen. The Dallas Police are claiming Brown was a drug dealer and that is why he was fatally shot. Twitter is not here for it.

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Dallas cops said during a press conference that Jacquerious Mitchell, a 20-year-old Black man who was arrested for Brown’s murder, told them he and two other men, who remain at large, traveled from Louisiana to Dallas “to purchase drugs from Brown.” For an unknown reason, the alleged drug deal reportedly turned physical and police claim Mitchell shot Brown in the chest. Police also alleged Mitchell said Brown was shot twice in the chest by Thaddeous Green, a 22-year-old who police said they were still searching for as of Tuesday afternoon. Michael Mitchell, a 32-year-old who police said was the driver of the car the suspects were in, was also still at large, police said Tuesday.

See the press conference below:


The entire scenario bore staggering similarities to the police investigation into the murder of Botham Jean. In that instance, cops just so happened to leak information about marijuana being found in Jean’s apartment, which they said smelled of the drug at the time Amber Guyger stormed into his apartment and shot him dead Sept. 6, 2018.

One of the main facts established during Amber Guyger’s murder trial was how duplicitous the Dallas Police Department was in its subsequent investigation of Jean’s killing. Many members of the department, as well as the Dallas Police Union, were accused of staging an elaborate coverup to protect Guyger. In addition, Guyger’s apartment was never searched by police despite five warrants and she admitted to smoking weed, which was why she wasn’t hired by a police department in Fort Worth.

NBC News also reported that police made sure to point out during the press conference that they said Brown’s murder was not connected to Guyger’s murder trial.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson cautioned anyone from jumping to any conclusions.

“I am grateful that our detectives have taken the initial steps necessary to bring closure to this case,” Johnson said in a brief statement emailed to the media. “I want to thank everyone who demonstrated patience and responsibly reserved their judgment while the Dallas Police Department gathered the facts regarding the death of Joshua Brown. I urge anyone with additional information about this case to come forward.”

Twitter is not here for it. See the reactions below: