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NBC was looking to turn the page on Monday morning from last week’s public relations nightmare that was Megyn Kelly’s impassioned and ignorant defense of white people wearing Blackface. And from all accounts, it would appear as though the embattled network and its TODAY morning show were utterly successful, thanks in part to the channel’s talent of color.

That was who NBC looked to save the day after Megyn Kelly‘s misguided racial rant on Tuesday, when she said wearing Blackface was “ok” when she was a kid.

As a result, Craig Melvin, Hoda Kotb and the venerable Al Roker presided over the 9 a.m. hour when Kelly’s show had previously aired. Kelly was effectively separated from the network on Friday while NBC likely tried to figure out some type of a severance plan.

The irony of replacing Kelly with Roker wasn’t lost on social media users, who keenly noted that the meteorologist just last year had been replaced by Kelly. Bringing the former Fox News anchor on board all but forced NBC to sever ties with beloved hostess Tamron Hall, which also invited all the scorn on the network.

Even with the familiar faces of Melvin and Kotb, it was Roker whose return to the vaunted hour was fully embraced, especially by social media users. Tweet after tweet welcomed Roker back, and then some.

Have a look below at some of the reactions across social media.


2. Triumphant





7. Al Roker is for the children


9. Megyn Kelly still has her defenders

10. #Winning