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Mourners Attend Wake And Funeral For Sandra Bland In Illinois

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Nowadays, all you have to do is turn on the TV or log onto the internet, and we’re inundated with stories about Black women and girls being mistreated, discriminated against, having the police called on us and even killed for doing nothing more than being in our skin.

Where we are allowed to go and be our carefree unapologetic selves? At times, it feels as if those spaces are getting more limited, especially in Trump’s America. From the golf course to Waffle House to our own homes, here are nine places where it’s literally unsafe for us to exist.

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1. The Golf Course

Recently, five Black women playing golf at a Pennsylvania golf club had the police called on them because they were playing “too slow” for the co-owner’s liking. They were asked to leave and told they their memberships would be refunded right before the cops were called. They were also accused of having “escalated voices.” Thankfully, these women were not charged, but still…we can’t even play a sport at our own leisure and speed?

2. Pool Parties

A McKinney, Texas police officer reminded us back in 2015 that young Black girls in bathing suits can’t be safe or respected at something as unsuspecting as a pool party. Cpl. Eric Casebolt was placed on administrative leave and resigned after a disturbing video surfaced that showed him grabbing Dajerria Becton’s braids and pinning her to the ground while she lay in only a bathing suit. Last year, the teen filed a $5 million lawsuit against Eric Casebolt, the city of McKinney and the police department for mental anguish, loss of quality of life and attorney’s fees.