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1. Say Cheese!

Say Cheese! Source:Getty

Malia Obama smiles for the cameras.

2. Chillin’

Chillin' Source:Getty

The First Family lands in style.

3. Laid Back

Laid Back Source:Getty

The girls go casual in Roswell, New Mexico.

4. Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy's Little Girl Source:Getty

Malia Obama walks with her dad, President Barack Obama.

5. Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School Source:Getty

Malia and Sasha Obama enjoy some fun in the sun.

6. Main Squeeze

Main Squeeze Source:Getty

Michelle Obama gives her daughters a double hug.

7. Family Portrait

Family Portrait Source:Getty

The First Family poses for a White House portrait.

8. Smooches!

Smooches! Source:Getty

President Barack Obama gives daughter Malia a big kiss.

9. Speechless

Speechless Source:Getty

Malia and Sasha Obama take the podium with their father for a Presidential speech.

10. Lady In Red

Lady In Red Source:Getty

Malia Obama stuns in a red summer dress.

11. Walk This Way

Walk This Way Source:Getty

Sasha and Malia go for a stroll.

12. Sister, Sister

Sister, Sister Source:Getty

Malia and Sasha are all gown up.

13. Dressed To The Nines

Dressed To The Nines Source:Getty

Sasha and Malia show off their impeccable style.

14. Class Act

Class Act Source:Getty

Malia and Sasha are the perfect young ladies.

15. Jet Set

Jet Set Source:Getty

Sasha and Malia got their chic sense of style from their mama, Michelle.

16. Holiday Spirit

Holiday Spirit Source:Getty

Malia and Sasha look amazing in their holiday dresses.

17. State Dinner Style

State Dinner Style Source:Getty

Malia and Sasha stun at their first State Dinner in 2016.

18. Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand Source:Getty

President Barack Obama takes his daughter’s hand.

19. Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter Source:Getty

The Obama women dress in style.