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Speculation about the future of Tekashi 6ix9ine was at a fever pitch on Monday morning after it was reported (rumored?) that the young rapper could be released from prison as early as this week.

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For full context, 6ix9ine has been facing nearly a half-century behind bars for his admitted role in a criminal conspiracy that included multiple counts of racketeering, firearms offenses and drug trafficking. He also previously pleaded guilty to child-sex charges. After he got busted, 6ix9ine has been very cooperative with prosecutors, to say the least.

He has unabashedly “snitched,” as the streets say, and implicated a number of his associates, including known gang members of the Bloods. In fact, he gave up so much information and so many people that he may be getting released from prison with officials crediting him for time served. To go from facing 47 years to time served, all within a few shorts months must mean that 6ix9ine went above and beyond the call of the duty of a confidential informant — although he was one informant whose confidentiality was never kept.

As a result of the recently reported [possible] update in 6ix9ine’s case, social media was ablaze with people wondering what would come next for the 23-year-old. Some folks said they want to see him out in a few days, although not necessarily to hear more music. A lot of folks on Twitter posted memes and gifs mocking 6ix9ine’s relationship with “The Breakfast Club“‘s Charlamagne That God, who gave a sexually explicit response about the prospects of the rapper beating his case.

Others think 6ix9ine will still be sentenced to a prison term that closer resembles football numbers, a possibility that also inspired mocking memes.

Others wondered if any of this energy directed at 6ix9ine was possibly misdirected given its full context.

If 6ix9ine does avoid significant prison time because of his cooperation with prosecutors, there was also the threat of people avoiding him like the plague when/if he gets released because it’s doubtful anyone would want to work with him. That was in spite of 6ix9ine signing a two-album record deal in October.

But above all, some people wondered about 6ix9ine’s safety after he appeared to snitch on former friends and associated in order to secure his won freedom. Scroll down to see a sample of the mixed emotions surrounding the uncertainty of his freedom.