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More of Trump’s rallies are stirring controversy this week.

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On Tuesday night, the president took the low road by making several statements about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that have caused outrage during a stop in Mississippi on his national campaign tour. He mocked Ford’s sexual assault testimony against Brett Kavanaugh like it was nothing. He tried to “cast doubt” on Ford, CNN reported.

Many politicians, activists and people on social media have condemned Trump’s behavior. “I’m embarrassed that the President of the United States would do that to this woman,” Democratic Senator Kamala Harris said Wednesday, adding that Trump should “stop being mean.” Harris also tweeted in support of Ford: “Dr. Ford is a profile in courage. She knew what she was up against when she came forward but spoke out because she felt it was her civic duty. She deserves better.”

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren also addressed the comments. “Last night, the President viciously mocked a sexual assault survivor,” Warren tweeted. “ will have to decide whether to stand up to this disgusting behavior or not. But will never silence Dr. Ford, or take away her strength and courage.”

His blatant disregard and disrespect of Ford came after the president made other inflammatory statements. Here are a number of tweets about his and his supporters’ most controversial moments.