The conservative supermajority has been called an "existential threat" to Black people.  

The lawyer and educator continues to add her voice in the fight to normalize conversations around consent and accountability.


Here is what happens when white privilege is threatened.

Neomi Rao, President Trump's nominee for a seat on the federal bench, came under fire from civil rights groups.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh brings an anti-voter rights ideology to the Supreme Court.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is officially a Supreme Court justice. The journey has been arduous and social media has had a field day along the way. But what else can you do? We have to laugh to keep from crying. See Also: Bill Cosby Sentenced To 3 To 10 Years In Prison For Sexual Assault Conviction In […]

Newly sworn-in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has hired four law clerks, and they're all women, including one who is Black.

The first two cases that a Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court was expected to hear have some serious implications for Black people living in America

The party was called “Beers 4 Brett."

Civil rights groups use Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation as a rallying cry to increase voter turnout.