The decades of the jagged thorn in the side of Democrats that is Mitch McConnell are coming to an end an just a few short months, Charles Booker predicted.

More than a month after Elizabeth Warren suspended her campaign for president, the U.S. senator from Massachusetts finally announced her endorsement of Joe Biden's candidacy. 


There has been confusion about how the presidential primary works. Here's what you need to know to unpack the primary process.

After Bernie Sanders has repeatedly said he had no plans to drop out, a new report said his top aides, allies and surrogates have been encouraging him to withdraw from the race for the Democratic nomination for president.

The decision to hold in-person voting for Wisconsin's primary could exacerbate the state's alarming disproportionate rate at which Black people have contracted the coronavirus.

If Joe Biden becomes the Democratic nominee and picks Amy Klobuchar as his running mate over any number of qualified Black women rumored to be under consideration, some Black voters may take it as a slap in the face.

Joe Biden’s South Carolina primary win prompted a spirited online debate about his presumed Democratic nomination and who the former vice president should pick as his running mate: Stacey Abrams or Kamala Harris.

Cory Booker said a handful of wild things about Joe Biden in Michigan, including that Jim Clyburn once called the candidate an "honorary black man."

Citing the civil rights movement, Kamala Harris announced that she will be endorsing Joe Biden.

The Nazi flag unfurled at a Bernie Sanders rally shows America may not be ready for a Jewish president as anti-Semitism thrives. But Barack Obama's Blackness was similarly scrutinized before he won the 2008 election.

Joe Biden's electoral momentum -- or, as some have called it, "JoeMentum" -- was undeniable after Super Tuesday. Will an endorsement from Mike Bloomberg slow Biden down or propel him to the primary finish line?


It's been nearly 75 years since one man fought South Carolina Democrats to end whites-only primaries. Now, this year's South Carolina primary could be a make-or-break moment for some of the all-white candidates as their fates lay in the hands of Black voters.