After Lil Wayne's stunning endorsement of Trump, we may continue to see more rappers come out and support the president's re-election campaign. However, it seems pretty safe to assume that ASAP Rocky will not be one of them.

Democrats endorsing Joe Biden in spite of the sexual assault allegations he's facing must reconcile with the Party's prior zero-tolerance for Republican candidates accused of the same or worse.

The inevitable has happened: Barack Obama finally and formally endorsed Joe Biden's candidacy for president. But will it be enough?

More than a month after Elizabeth Warren suspended her campaign for president, the U.S. senator from Massachusetts finally announced her endorsement of Joe Biden's candidacy. 

Bernie Sanders's former press secretary Briahna Joy Gray's refusal to endorse Joe Biden comes with some conditions that could get her to change her mind. Maybe.

Citing the civil rights movement, Kamala Harris announced that she will be endorsing Joe Biden.