Getting eligibility information is the first step.

House Republicans launched a "commitment to America" but amplify debunked claims.

Herschel Walker’s corporation previously pledged 15% of profits to non-profit charities.

Adrianne Shropshire addresses why it's important to be engaged in this election cycle.

The plight of protecting democracy is a battle that we've been fighting for generations. But champions of equity and justice for Black and brown communities renew the urgency of combatting white supremacy and extremism.

These people sustain woefully under-resourced movement work that consistently drives civic engagement above and beyond the election cycle. 

For those who may not see the point of engaging in the process, voting in primaries is often an opportunity to choose your champion.

Speaking to supporters a little after midnight, Lee focused her remarks on the power of Black women as leaders and coalition builders.

No matter how much Democrats claim to be a "big tent," Lee points to a problem with Black women being treated as disposable once they emerge as formidable opponents. 

The May 3 primary election marks the beginning of a series of major races across the country.