On the anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks, conspiracy theories about that fateful date in American history have more than persisted -- they've thrived.

Current Events

Sheila E. Ayers was fired as a Buffalo 911 dispatcher for hanging up on shooting survivor Latisha Rogers. Ayers is blaming Rogers now.


Tops employee Latisha Rogers said a 911 dispatcher hung up when she reported the Buffalo shooting. The dispatcher is facing termination.

California police report multiple calls over coronavirus scares.

The 51-year-old is a wanted woman.

There are calls to boycott the gas station.

His mother also has some words for Teresa Klein.

Teresa Klein may have to pay for her actions.

Teresa Klein is the latest white person who called the police on a Black person.

A neighborhood who called 911 on the actor could have gotten him killed.

She had no patience for thousands of callers.

A mom blames her infant's death on the company and city officials' failure to fix a 911 call center problem.