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With the midterm elections coming up and the idea of wins from Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams, white folks’ savagery is on full display. The latest incident from a woman in North Charleston, South Carolina is a prime example.

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On Sunday, Oct. 14, a group of Black children participated in an anti-violence march. After the march, the children, along with some adults, headed to a gas station. Activist Jonathan Thrower told the Charleston City Paper, “We went and got a lot of elementary and middle school students ’cause this was a youth march. When we got to the end of [Otranto] Road, some of the children said, ‘We’re thirsty’ and ‘Can we stop to get something to drink?'”

There were no issues until a frazzled white woman pulled up and threatened to call 911. She was the owner of the store, but didn’t identify as the owner to the group of anti-violence marchers. Thrower explained, “I thought she was playing at first. I didn’t really think that was gonna happen.” Miss White Lady wasn’t playing. See the video below:

The 911 call has been released, and the woman who identified herself as Brenda to a dispatcher can be heard saying, “They’re standing outside my store, they’re videoing us and everything, I need a police officer here now. I mean, it’s like a riot out here!” Brenda also said she wasn’t in danger but they “absolutely destroying the outside” area of the store. Listen below:

The crowd left by the time the police arrived. Thrower said, “The North Charleston Police Department — I applaud them, because the guy was like, ‘You know, they’re just coming in to purchase something, I’m sure they‘re not causing any trouble.”

Charleston City Paper reported, “On Tuesday morning, an employee at the gas station did not confirm whether the woman worked at the store, referring questions about the incident to the chain’s corporate office. Calls and emails to Murphy USA, the store’s Arkansas-based parent company, were not immediately returned.”

There have been calls to boycott Murphy USA on social media. Twitter has their eye on Brenda, and she is sure to be outed soon with her full name. Within about 24 hours, Brenda might be jobless and not able to afford any gas station.


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