Actress Viola Davis will be celebrated at the Cannes Film Festival for her pivotal contributions to the arts.

Tracy Morgan will make history as the first Black person to receive the Friars Club Entertainment Icon Award.

Sampson shared disturbing footage of a cop in Cartagena, Colombia, assaulting him on Dec. 15.

The actress, who appeared in at least 73 films and series, passes away.

He calls out the big elephant in the room at the BAFTA Awards.

Actress Kim Fields’ new memoir "Blessed Life" chronicles her journey in the entertainment industry.

Melvin Williams, an actor on The Wire, who was a big inspiration to the show's premise, has passed away at the age of 73.

Long-time Hollywood actor Reynaldo Rey has passed away at the age of 75 due to stroke complications, Entertainment Weekly reports. Mostly known for his comedic roles in popular Black films like White Men Can’t Jump, House Party 3 and Friday, Rey maintained a steady presence on the movie and television scenes for over two decades. He […]